“Malcolm’s positive outlook is refreshing and his energy, enthusiasm and drive are contagious. He comes from a caring place when working with others – kind and understanding; he’s skilled at enabling people to identify the real crux of a problem and then helps them find appropriate solutions allowing them to move forward.”
Anne Philpott, Human Resource Director – M&G Investments

“The group from the unit enjoyed your training very much.”
Nathalie Breysse, Digital Officer, European Parliament

“Having worked with Malcolm since 2005, the knowledge that I would be working with him again was re-energizing in itself. The sessions have, of course, enhanced this. I understand that several of our colleagues have used Malcolm’s services over the last few years and I look forward to seeing the benefits continue to flow through to our business.”
Duncan Bulgin, Director, Newton Investment Management Ltd

“Of course there’s a truth to what Levene is doing. It follows that you have to find out something about yourself to see how to present that self to the world.”
The New Yorker

“Malcolm’s Learning and Development programme,  Power of One, is an amazing programme. It has the ability to help people overcome any internal resistance or negative emotions that exist in a situation. The people who have attended the Power of One have all seen benefits and more importantly the benefits are long lasting. For us this means better motivated and capable people producing enthusiastic and effective results.”
John Merrell, Leadership & Development Manager, Volvo Car UK Limited

“Thank you for your pearls of wisdom given at the Personal Branding Event. I started reciting my ‘5 reasons to be grateful’ at the end of each day, applied for my dream job in the US, and landed the job. Following your words I also thought more about my personal branding statement.

I’m in New York now and start my job on Monday. So, thank you for your advice – your words made me focus and inevitably get to where I am today.”
Jacqui Moore, Broadcast Media Professional

“You made a positive impression on my team. They all said they had a very good experience working with you.”
Carole Williams, Corporate Training Manager, McDonald’s Restaurants Ltd

“Thanks really appreciated. A huge extra thank you for today, the Personal Branding workshop was a massive success”.
Helen Hodgkinson, Head of Talent Management, KPMG

“During my career I have attended many courses and seminars, some average, some great and all following a similar structure or presentation format. The Power of One with Malcolm Levene was none of what I have just described. From arriving at the venue I was intrigued…obviously Malcolm’s aim! I wouldn’t insult the two days by describing them as a course or seminar, but as 48 hours of challenging thoughts, understanding behaviours and more importantly learning about how to improve your being, both professionally and personally. Singularly the key reason for my enthusiasm for the Power of One, is Malcolm. He is not a commercial individual turned ‘trainer’, he is a well educated, knowledgeable, authentic, acutely business focused mentor, with a wealth of experience and I would defy anyone who didn’t feel the benefit of time spent with him.”
Sharon Wright, Director, HR Owen

“The Power of One workshop sponsored by Volvo, UK proved to be an extremely positive experience for all the delegates. It was an entirely different day to anything else they have previously experienced. There is a real need in this extremely tough market to develop a personal understanding and cultivate a positive & motivational environment. We would therefore support & encourage the programme.”
Steven Morris, Managing Director, John Morris Motors Limited, Grimsby

“At Mind in Camden we have run a large number of adult education courses for our members. Malcolm offered his service to run an initial 8 week course based on the principles of his Power of One programme. The course was one of the most popular we have run. It was one of the most well attended and the consistency of attendance was a testimony to Malcolm’s ability to engage with people, build trust and develop an environment where learning is fun and safe. This is not always easy when running a personal development course where people are encouraged to share something of themselves and their experiences. However, Malcolm’s skill, openness, personal empathy, and experience made this possible. Many of those that attended expressed feeling that as a result of the course they were able to take concrete steps to improve their lives which previously they had not considered or did not have the personal belief to undertake.”
Tom Costley, Day Services Manager, Mind, Camden

“You have helped in enabling me to be recognized, and elevate myself to this new global role. I thank you so much for that.”
Jacqueline Hughes, Global Head of Talent, Prudential

“The Power of One workshop went better, than I had hoped for, full participation and in a positive not cynical away. As you said within your “close out” there was a lot to consider/absorb and act upon. Once again “many thanks.”
Roger Barnard, Managing Director, Pilling Motor Group

“I was surprised at how composed I felt and think your coaching helped a lot. A number of people told me I spoke with authority and had come across well. Thank you again for all your help. I am sure it will prove invaluable for any future events”.
Catherine Doyle, Deputy Head of Pooled Funds, Bank of New York Mellon Asset Management

“Malcolm’s workshop, Power of One, is changing the way I am. Resetting my goals has given me fresh vigor for my job and the results are great, I even had my account manager say to me that “I had changed since I had come back from the sessions and was better for it”. I do believe the Workshop has genuinely benefited me and I would really like to attend a follow up session if there is to be one.”
Andrew Smith, Dealer Principle, attending Volvo sponsored Workshop

“Malcolm spoke to 30 odd business owners around the importance of a congruent personal brand. His audience just loved him and feedback has been outstanding. Malcolm is a brilliant speaker, knowledgeable, warm and delivers his subject in a compelling and meaningful manner. Aside from delivering a great presentation, Malcolm has been a real pleasure to work with and is one of those rare people who genuinely walks their talk.”
Paullette Schwartz, Events Host

“Thank you for your time and patience during our recent coaching sessions. Your feedback and positive suggestions have been invaluable”
Vicky Pearson, Private Client

“Margaret Thatcher once said everyone needs a Willie.  Today, every politician – and businessman – needs a Malcolm.  He provides invaluable and objective advice which makes a real difference”
Ed Vaizey, MP for Wantage and Didcot – Minister for Culture, Communications and Creative Industries

“You not only inspire me but also impress me!”
Lisa Orban, Clinical Psychologist

“I wanted to say thank you very much for an excellent thought-provoking
presentation on Wednesday afternoon. I wasn’t entirely sure what to
expect, but it was fascinating for all sorts of reasons.”

Mark Lloyd, Partner, LloydLaw LLP Solicitors

“Malcolm starts you on a journey of discovery that makes you look at your own perceptions of yourself and how others may see you. He then leads you towards creating a toolkit to dig into in order to become as Malcolm would describe it your “authentic self”. His approach is not to preach a vision but once open to the possibilities a two way interaction that has worked for me and which I will continue to use.  I would recommend Malcolm to anyone who wants to better understand how they can get the best out of themselves both within and outside the work environment.”

Christopher Peacock, Head of Retail Compliance, M&G Investment

“Malcolm, I have some good news to share. I got my promotion and bought a flat!! Thank you so much for your patient mentoring.”

Selina Wang, Compliance Associate, Goldman Sachs

“Malcolm helped me with my Personal Brand, by providing me with very useful insights. These insights have helped me to improve not only myself, but my business also. I would highly recommend Malcolm as a person with the highest integrity.”

Lee Smith, CEO of NetworkLondon

“It was inspiring to listen to powerful ideas so grounded in an authentic personal narrative. One presented in an ‘open’ and sharing way rather than self-indulgently. Something leaders who wish to encourage others to follow can learn from. It was a pleasure to be able to introduce Malcolm as an esteemed Hon. Visiting Professor to such a well-attended inaugural lecture.”

Stephen J. Perkins, Dean of the Faculty of Business & Law Metropolitan University

“Malcolm spoke to our members about Personal Branding and the importance of being unique. He was very personable and friendly. His talk inspired not only our members but all the staff. His expertise and knowledge shone through his presentation, with extremely positive feedback. He successfully squeezed together his whole course into a one-hour presentation. We would strongly recommend him to everyone and from everyone at Shooting Beauty; we loved having you and thank you for your time.” 

Sarah Hillyer, Shooting Beauty,  Events and Production Assistant