10 Steps To Fashion Freedom

10 Steps To Fashion Freedom

Would you like to make a positive impression every time? Would you like to feel more comfortable and confident in your clothes? Though your closet is full, do you still have trouble finding something to wear? Renowned Personal Branding consultants Malcolm Levene and Kate Mayfield are here to help in 10 Steps To Fashion Freedom, a groundbreaking guide based on their exclusive 10-step image therapy programme.

Malcolm, dubbed the “Freud of Fashion” by The New Yorker, and his partner, Kate, have written a practical, engaging book that breaks through trends, hot looks and instant makeovers to get to the heart of how you can develop your own Personal Style.

Instead of trying to figure out the must-have items of the season or where you fall on the colour chart, you will get help from Kate and Malcolm in facing your worst image fears and uncovering and developing a style that is totally your own.

As they do for the top executives who go through their Personal Branding programme, Malcolm and Kate teach you how to discover your own individual style and become comfortable with your image from the inside out. This book will show you how to:

  • Identify your passions
  • Create a personal style statement
  • Confront image challenges from the past
  • Take a field trip to discover your aesthetic tastes
  • Banish colour myths
  • Undergo a complete closet analysis
  • Celebrate with an informed shopping trip that truly represents your Personal Brand.

Malcolm and Kate also share inspiring stories of clients who have completed the programme and achieved a more sophisticated image and an empowered sense of personal style. You no longer have to buy someone else’s taste, hire someone to pick out your clothes, or drape yourself in designer labels to feel secure. Take it from the experts – your Personal Brand is only ten creative steps away!

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