Ellie Hart Goes To Work

Ellie Hart Goes To WorkAre you feeling uninspired? Are you lacking in self-esteem and confidence? Could you get more out of your work, family and relationships? 
Do you want to improve your life? Ellie Hart does.

She’s busy at work, tired and hassled – and is unable to get her life together. What she needs is a 
guide to help her discover how to get back on track and find true happiness – and one arrives in the most unexpected place. Ellie is struggling to attain
both personal and professional success when, in her dreams, she meets a man who will teach her the secret key to balance and harmony at work and home.

Mr Fairchild, using the image of the garden as a metaphor for Ellie’s true self, shows her how to change her attitude, improve her life and achieve 
her true goals. Both practical and enchanting Ellie Hart Goes to Work demonstrates how everyone can steer change in order to create success and 
joy in their lives.
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