Power of One

The Power of One programme centres on 7 core Principles that have been created to significantly improve your business by improving the people in it. How does the business benefit?

After the Workshop participants will:

  • Adopt a can-do, will-do attitude
  • Greatly improve their communication skills
  • Be able to align their goals and values to the business.

The programme is designed so that it can be delivered to a group of people over one, two or three days in an interactive workshop setting. In cases where time is an issue, a half-day session is possible, working with three specific Principles chosen in consultation with the sponsor. Each participant is encouraged and helped to engage and fully participate in the event.

The following slides provide an overview of ‘The Power of One’ presentation:

Additional information on the 7 Power of One principles are found under the ‘Power of One’ roll over menu below.

The Follow-Up

Within 10-14 days of the event a written follow-up will be sent to each attendee, which will cover all the main points from the session, highlighting any universal themes. As well as being an important reminder, it will promote sustainability.

The Buddy System

Developed to instigate a collaborative endeavour to take place after the event. The buddies will be asked to communicate on a regular basis to monitor each others progress. Roughly two-weeks after the event, the facilitator will meet with the group again to check on their progress.