Personal Coaching

Coaching in-person is a privilege for a coach because, for the experience to be meaningful, they have to act as a trusted ‘confidant.’ Someone to whom you can say what you feel, when you feel it, knowing that everything you say will be kept in the strictest confidence.

This gives the coachee an opportunity to reflect, air frustrations, discuss challenges and discuss any aspect of their life they’re comfortable sharing. In return, this gives the coach a better understanding of how to help, make suggestions, propose solutions and generally ‘be there’ in a non-judgmental fashion.

Typically, sessions last approximately two hours and in my experience, a coaching ‘assignment’, is a highly effective way to get the most out of any form of coaching. This normally entails a minimum of three separate sessions and also reduces the overall fee.

As with phone coaching, I offer a free 30-minute phone session which ascertains whether the client is comfortable with my approach and also establishes whether the all-important ‘chemistry’ is in place. When everything is agreed, terms, timings, goals and required outcomes are discussed in more detail.