Mediation / Facilitation

When run by an experienced expert, Mediation and Facilitation meetings can bring more clarity to the proceedings, and ensure that everyone attending the meeting leaves the event knowing they have personally gained something important from it. In addition, if there are any ‘big topics’ on the agenda, an experienced Facilitator/Mediator will ensure these topics are completed. In my experience, introducing an element of light-heartedness to the proceedings helps meetings run more smoothly and results in a more can-do attitude from the attendees.

It is the responsibility of a Mediator/Facilitator to ensure that the brief is fully understood; what the big topics are, the group dynamics, what the sponsor deems as outcomes that are ‘must have’s and those that he or she considers ‘nice to haves’. Typically, I like to have at least two in-person meetings with the sponsor well in advance of the event, so that we can establish that everyone is on the ‘same page’.