A workshop for a Team, a group of Directors or Managers, is a highly effective way to bring together a group of people who share similar business goals. It’s an opportunity to spend quality time talking, networking, airing views, communicating with each other, and collaborating in areas of mutual interest. In addition, it enables and encourages a can-do group mindset, which sends a positive message to the wider community and to the business generally.

Typically, workshops can last anywhere between a half-day to two-days. A Lunch & Learn workshop-session can also be provided and lasts up to about 2 hours. This provides a group the opportunity to bond and learn more about each other.

The most effective way to achieve the best results from a workshop is for the Team Leader or sponsor to discuss his/her desired outcomes, current challenges, hopes and aspirations for the group. I offer a free 60-minute meeting to discuss these points and anything else that is likely to be relevant.